We'll Meet Again 2013

ANZAC Day Concert Tribute, Wellington Town Hall

1940's Period Hairdresser for tribute concert

Singer: Awhi Fraser

We'll meet again is a yearly event at Wellington Town Hall that honors ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand, which is the equivalent to Remembrance Day or Memorial Day in the USA.

I jumped at the opportunity to do this with Awhi as I am a big fan of the era. My Grandmother was a Hairdresser and raised my father during the Second World War while her husband was sent overseas. She had passed away this past year so I wanted to do something in her memory.




This era very much represents her time as the would have been 25 years old when the war ended. She was a very stylish woman so her hair would have been done up to mark the celebrations at the end of the war.

This is very representative of around 1945 with curls and it slightly pinned up, the top is swirled around and pinned in place. This was a lot of fun and a rare opportunity to do hair like this these days.

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