Rhinoceros Eyes

I had a blast working on this project, It was Madstone Pictures next production following Boys Don't Cry and had an amazing cast and crew.

Here I am getting Gale Harold into character. The Director Aaron Woodley wanted him to look like a cop that gets a haircut at a cheap barbershop and hadn't had a haircut for a few weeks.


Here he is almost in character with Michael Pitt hanging out. Gale's beard was shaved off and hair broken up into what is to look like an overgrown barbershop cut. It was fun to sculpt this sort of shape.

The DVD shows me doing his hair in the behind the scenes photoage.


Here is the end result.....


Michael Pitt's hair was straighten regularly with one of my old metal straightners so it wasn't too smooth looking. 

Paige Turco had clip in hair extensions that I put in everyday and I coloured her hair slightly darker for this role. Her hair had to be returned to the previous colour as per her contract with CBS's The Agency which she was a cast member at that time.


This is Chep's alter ego. The wig is meant to look like Chep's hair who is played by Michael Pitt. So I cut and straightened the hair the same way that I cut and straightened Michael's hair to match.

The scenes with the two interacting with each other are a lot of fun to watch.

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