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We now have a Shampoo & Conditioner Despensery so you can refill your Shampoo & Conditioner to save on Plastic and save money. Bring back your old bottles or bring in any bottle and we can fill you up. Shampoo & Conditioner is sold by weight and works out to less then buying in a plastic bottle.

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We are looking for models to take part in our marketing campaigns. 

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Wellington hairdresser charges by length, not gender

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A Hairdresser that Cares...

I was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my Kiwi Friends when I first heard about Wellington, New Zealand. So I came to Wellington in the summer 2007 for a visit, I knew right away this was the place I wanted to be. I went back to Toronto, Canada and saved my money and came back in the summer of 2011 permanently...Since I have never looked back. New Zealand is my home now and it has been a very exciting journey over the past few years. For me this is my new country and I am exited about all the opportunities that New Zealand has in store for me.

My career as a hairdresser began as a 5 year old, sweeping my Grandmothers salon in Reseda, California during my summer holidays, I began doing hair for my friends at 15 years old. Later I went on to Hair School in both Toronto and Halifax in Canada with Schwarzkopf and Aveda Academies. The hair industry does have a very high dropout rate and very few lifers, Like my Grandmother, I am a lifer because it is in my blood, I love what I do because I love going to work everyday. I have always said 'the worst day in the salon is better then the best day in some office somewhere"

BlowUp is my third shop. I had a hair studio in Toronto for 5 years called the Tin Box on Queen Street West that catered to a very awesome funky urban clientelle base. We opened Matthew Kane Hairdresser in the Grand Arcade in Wellington for a year, and when a great opportunity came up we relocated onto Boulcott Street into a larger shop and rebranded as BlowUp Hairdressing where we are now today. It has been an amazing journey and I am greatful that the journey continues after over 20 years of doing hair... 


I've never been so stoked with a haircut! Matthew is not only super talented and worked magic with little direction from me (I just wanted to donate hair and have something different)  but he was also super engaging and funny making for a really enjoyable experience  overall. I'm already booked in for my next appointmen t and I'd recommend anyone in Wellington  or surrounds to book in with him. You'll have a great time and come out with a fab haircut!
- Angie Cassidy - Wellington, New Zealand

I visited Matthew as a hair model and, although I was up for anything and fancied something really different, I was hesitant to go full pixie cut. We flipped a coin between bob and pixie and pixie won. I'm so glad I threw caution to the wind and went for it. Matthew is a genius and supported me fully going from having waist length mermaid hair to magical pixie hair. Such a lovely man and a great experience. I would highly recommend him. I love my new do and would never have the bravery to do it without Matthew's reassurance! Everybody loves it.
- Siobhán Wanderlust MacRae - Glasgow, Scotland

Having moved around New Zealand a lot, one of the most frustrating parts is finding a new hairdresser.  Matthew is the third hairdresser I have tried in Wellington and I am stoked to have found the best hairdresser ever!  Everyone keeps commenting on my hair, the cut is amazing and matches my hair type and face shape beautifully, I feel bloody fantastic and I look hot!  The colour was totally up to Matthew to choose and he rocked it.  His stories are fun, he's relaxed so you can just say it like it is and he gets it.  Thanks Matthew, your a star*
- Sarita Williams - Wellington, New Zealand

Fantastic hair guaranteed. Have never had a bad hair cut, and with curly hair that's a challenge!
- Leonie Short - Wellington, New Zealand

Matthew is a great hairdresser and artist through and through ! I had a hell of a fun day, and in one day the opportunity to try out many different hairstyles. It was a girl's dream !
- Caro Sauerwein - Hamburg Germany

Nothing but major talent right here and a great sense of humour when visiting, best by far hairdresssser yezzzzur!! Love u matt
- Serena Pukeke - Wellington, New Zealand

"A few weeks ago a complete stranger came up to me and said "you have f***ng awesome hair"... That was two days after you'd cut it. In all honesty I've never had so many people comment positively on how I look let alone my hair. Historically i've been the invisible one and subsequently valued myself as insignificant. It may sound absurd but cutting the majority of my hair off has helped me to revisit how I see and value myself. You and CoCo were right... Anyway i just wanted to say thank you!"  
- Rebekah Rankin - Warnervale, Australia

"The cuts that Matthew has done for me have been the best I've ever had an that's no exaggeration. I have uncontrollable curly hair and gone from being totally depressed about not being able to do anythying cool with my hair to having amazing platinum, edgy cuts that people compliment me on! I completely trust that Matthew will give me a fantastic cut that currently I have an undercut/faux hawk - look at me go! Thanks Matthew!! 
- Pia Steiner - Wellington, New Zealand

I never imagined I would get a style like this. I love long hair but always wanted a dramatic change. I walked into the salon hoping that I would be inspired, and Matthew completely inspired me. He gave me guidance with my hair and 12 inches later, we discovered the stunning, vibrant and exciting new style for me. Edgy, quirky, sophisticated and stunning; it's how I always was, but now my hair says it too.  
- Gráinne Ní Chonnachtaigh - Cavan, Ireland

“After years of long hair, I spent months trying to find someone who could cut my hair short and still have it look stylish and professional without looking “short”. Matthew has consistently given me great haircuts.  Not only that, he can be fast if you need him to be without sacrificing quality. He is also good at picking up my mood – and chats when I feel like it – and doesn’t when I don’t. He is the PERFECT hairstylist!”  
– Sue Menard - Toronto, Ontario

"What I really like about Matthew is that he is open to new ideas and being creative, but he never pressures me into trying out a style that I'm not comfortable with. Instead, he listens to my ideas and suggestions and takes them on board to create a style which works for me." 
- Jane Turner - Halifax, Nova Scotia


Mar 2019 - Wella Koleston Perfect Relaunch - Wellington,New Zealand
Jul 2018 - CHI Training Weekend - Auckland, New Zealand
Mar 2018 - Wella Training Weekend - Wellington,New Zealand
Jul 2015 - Redken Training Weekend - Auckland, New Zealand

Jul 2018 - Colours Of The World Presenter - Auckland, New Zealand

Apr 2014 - Schwarzkopf Collection Cut & Colour - Wellington, New Zealand
Mar 2014 - Schwarzkopf Colour Coach - Wellington, New Zealand
Mar 2014 - Schwarzkopf Colour Essentials - Wellington, New Zealand
Jul 2013 - Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Relaunch - Wellington, New Zealand
Feb 2013 - Schwarzkopf Essentials Looks - Wellington, New Zealand
Mar 2011 - GHD Essentials - Wellington, New Zealand
Dec 2009 - Aveda Train the Trainer - Toronto, Ontario
May 2007 - Aveda Advanced Foil Placement - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Apr 2007 - Aveda Expanding the Rules - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mar 2007 - Aveda Art of Colour Placement - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mar 2007 - Aveda Collection Cut & Colour - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Feb 2007 - Aveda Systems and Solutions - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nov 2006 - Redken Product Training - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mar 2004 - Farouk/Chi Colour Systems Training Program - Toronto, Ontario
Mar 2004 - Phyto Product Training - Toronto, Ontario
Oct 2001 - Schwarzkopf Academy Essential Challenge - Mississauga, Ontario
Jan–Aug 2001 - Marca College School of Hair Design - Toronto, Ontario
Apr 2001 - Schwarzkopf Contemporary Colour Training - Toronto, Ontario
Mar 2001 - A G Systems Product Training - Toronto, Ontario
Feb 2001 - Paul Mitchell Product Training - Toronto, Ontario
Feb 2001 - Joico Product Training - Toronto, Ontario

Schwarzkopf Colour Compitition Winner -Toronto 2001

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