Kristy and I had a lot of fun with this one. This was 10 different haircuts/styles in one day. Another great example of how all these different lengths can look on a person, and on Kristy they all worked out very well.

Kristy is an up and coming Fashion Designer so a perfect person to try different haircuts/styles with.

We started out with a trim, and added some spiral curls with the curling iron. Then we styled Kristy's hair with her natural curls. 

After we straightened it and started trimming some more on straight dry hair.

This length is a shoulder length cut with layers to break it up.




Slightly shorter now with the length just above the shoulders.



Another inch takes it to a longish bob.




Slightly shorter again.



This is a slightly graduated bob with a lot of weight taken out of the back.


We finished with a nice short haircut with a longer fringe, and is cut to about mid-ear length on the sides and styled back over the ears. This length really changes Kristy's image


Back is cut nice and short.


This was a perfect haircut for a finish and Kristy had been coming back for her haircuts for well over a year now. Her hair has grown back to shoulder length once again. So she has been able to enjoy all of these lengths over the past year as it has grown back.


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