Celine is an actress from France that was in-between Casting Agencies and had this rare opportunity to actually change her hair. We took the time to discuss options and decided her long hair wasn't working for her for the type of jobs she was looking for. Long hair means she is trying to compete with girls in their 20's as Celine is now in her early 30's.

We decided a bob would be the sort of look that would set her apart from other girls portfolio's. We took a gamble on this haircut and it paid off. 

Celine flew up to Auckland the next day, had a meeting with her new agent and was signed up right away. Her agent loved her new haircut and said it was exactly the sort of look they were looking for. It is great when a good plan comes together.

Celine has been flying in from Auckland for the past 2 years to maintain her haircuts and is more then happy with everything.

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