Anyone who has been cutting your own hair don’t worry we will be back soon to finish it for you. Here is a perfect example of a self haircut that I got to finish what she started just before the lockdown. Be safe, be well, see you soon

For all the years I’ve been cutting hair this look has always been my all time favourite - Timeless Bob Haircut


80s Makeover to remind you of simpler times

Summer Bob Haircut

We Love Curls taking it back to shoulder length again

More Curls this time Asymmetrical to give Jolene some shape 

Short 1920s style bob with bangs for Summer 2020

Lots of Bobs this past summer now that we are in the 100 year anniversary of the 1920s

New Cut & Colour. Darker with Blue

We were supposed to do a trim, but we had a beer and ended up doing this instead

Summer Bob Haircut

Skin Fade Girls Rock

Skin Fade Girls Rock

New Cut & Colour, time for a change

New Hair Retro 70s Vibe

Lyndsie’s Perm for Dare-Do

Kate’s Dare-Do inspired by Stranger Things, she couldn’t decide between Barb or Eleven so she choose both

Dare-Do Ponytail Donation, time for something new

Anya’s Dare-Do Short Blonde & Spikey

Lydia’s Dare-Do from long to bob to pixie

Martha’s Dare-Do and ponytail donation to Freedom Wigs

Our first Dare-Do participant for 2019. Ponytail Donation and first time colour. Do something Daring and Bold with your hair to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

The 80s Perm with Laura

This one went into the Capital Magazine

Classic Pixie

New Bob with Bangs

1970s Inspired Haircuts the Apple Computer Technician Haircut and the News Reporter Haircut

More shots from that day

New Cut & Colour

Retro Bob

We did this for a photo shoot...

End result was a lot of fun and a complety different look

Time for a Pixie...

Ponytail Donation and lots of Liberation. Amazing new look

70s Retro

Inspired by 70s hair and lots of layers Taylor rocks this look

A few weeks later we just ended up cutting it short

Going Going Gone... 

We weren't sure how short we were going to go so we just kept on cutting...

...And cutting, until we ended up here  

More 70s Retro

Rachael gets short layered retro haircut when the 70s haircuts were cool  

When it’s Saturday and you are closing and Serena walks in asking if you can take just one more haircut... 

Hannah as Madonna with short hair, as featured in the Capital Magazine 

Annika's Bob Haircut

Long to Mullet to Short to Permed. We had a few beers along the way

Much Better Length

Freedom Wigs

Ponytail Donation to Freedom Wigs. Looks Great Feels Great

Model: Eva

The Non-Bob

Bob length haircut but broken up to not feel like a bob

Latina Bob Cut & Colour

Model: Viviana

Asymetrical Haircut

Lots of fun

Pink Flattop

Vanessa wanted a Pink Flattop for her 18th birthday to do something significant for her first day as an adult, very liberating

Model: Vanessa

Liven it Up

Model: Clelia

Time for Something New

Model: Maria

Less is More

New length and colour enhancement

Retro Haircuts for the Capital Magazine

Two different looks, first one was curled and then we changed it to a bob with a fringe

Model: Margot

New Cut & Colour

Model: Cheyhane

Gender Neutral Haircut

Just be yourself

Model: Sheila

An Evening of Haircuts

Heavy Bob

Model: Magdalena

Summer Inspiration

Model: Kris

New Cut & Colour

Model: Macerena

Badass Haircut

1980s Inspired Retro Mod Girl

Model: Charlie

Upgrade Your Hair

Model: Amelie

1960s Inspired Mod Girl

Model: Jennifer

Summer Lob


Summer Cut & Colour

Model: Rosie

Pixie Cut

Model: Maike

New Hair for 2019

Last makeovers of 2018 for the New Year

Long Blonde to Dark Brown Shoulder Length Cut with Fringe


Ponytail Donation to Freedom Wigs

Short Shag

New Fringe

New Year's Eve Hair for 2019

Model: Coryna

Retro Girl on Retro Bike with Retro Hair

Model: Aleisha

Updo Hair

Pixie Haircut

Model: Matilda 

90s Inspired Hair

Model: Regina 
Products Used CHI Molding Clay

Ponytail Donation to Freedom Wigs

80s Bob Haircut

Model: Ilana
Products Used: CHI Biosilk Silk Therapy

Ponytail Donation to Freedom Wigs

Retro Hair

Model: Loren

Nevertheless She Persisted

Model: Hannah

Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

Model: Caroline

Something for the Weekend

Model: Lisa

Cutting Out Old Colour into a Bob Haircut

Model: Maria

Short and Shorter trying something new

Model: Susanne

Spring Haircuts

Model: Bea

Spring Haircuts Bob Haircut

Model: Lisa

First Time Cut & Colour

Model: Madelaine

Less is More

Model: Lara
Haircut: Matthew

Spring Hair


New Hair New Job

Model: Tiffany


Laura came into the salon and said she wanted to shave it, so we did...

Model: Laura

Colour Update

Model: Casey 
Haircut: Cheyhane
Colour: Cheyhane using CHI Shine Shades
Products Used: CHI Total Protect, Biosilk Silk Therapy

Colour Update

Model: Louise 
Haircut: Jake
Colour: Matthew using CHI Shine Shades
Products Used: CHI Volume Booster, Biosilk Silk Therapy

Mohawk Done Right

Model: Aurora 
Skin Fade: Thomas @Godfather Barbers
Colour: Matthew using CHI Chromashine Fusia
Products Used: CHI Volume Booster, CHI Helmet Head & CHI Enviro 54 Hair Spray Firm

Time For A Change

Model: Hana 
Haircut: Matthew 
Colour: Cheyhane using CHI Chromashine
Products Used: CHI Molding Clay

One Year of Cuts & Colours

Model: Kelsey 
Haircut: Matthew 
Colour: Matthew using CHI Shine Shades
Products Used: CHI Molding Clay

Cut & Colour by Jake

Model: Gabriela 
Haircut: Jake 
Colour: Jake using Wella Koletson Perfect
Products Used: CHI Total Protect, CHI Volume Boster, CHI Helmet Head

Ponytail Donation to Freedom Wigs

80s Inspired Hair

Model: Amber 
Products Used CHI Keratine Styling Cream & Biosilk Silk Therapy

Retro Hair

Products Used: CHI Volume Booster

New Cut & Colour

Model: Joy
Colour: Cheyhane using CHI Shine Shades
Products Used: CHI Silk Infusion & Biosilk Silk Therapy

Ponytail Donation to Freedom Wigs

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