Do something Daring and Bold with your hair to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

How does it work?
In November when the guys are growing Moustaches, this is a perfect opportunity for Girls to take part as well by doing something Daring and Bold with your hair. We will give you a ‘Text to Donate’ number and when someone asks you about your hair that is your opening to discuss Mental Health Awareness and ask for a donation to the Mental Health Foundation. We will also provide you with a Pledge form before the event to raise money before you change your hair for the month.

What sort of Haircuts/Colours?
It is your hair so that is entirely up to you. We ask that you do something that is daring and bold for you so people who know you will react with ‘Oh my god I love your Hair’ or ‘What have you done with your hair’ etc, that becomes your chance to raise awareness. The more daring you are the better for raising a big reaction from others.

If cutting is not your thing we can do colours as well, as long as the colours are daring and bold as well, like Unicorn Colours or Rainbow Colours. Even just a single streak of Blue or Violet or Fuchsia will stand out. 

If you are the type of person that is completely open to what we do with your hair let us know as we have lots of ideas as well. Best thing is to come in and talk to us so we can explore ideas together. The ultimate goal is to get big reactions from others and changing your hair is the perfect opportunity to raise support for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 

When Does It Start?
We will begin the Campaign on the week of 9-October for Mental Health Awareness Week through to the end of November. You can come in and talk with us anytime or pick up a Pledge Form and we can register you. If you are intersted in learning more feel free to contact us at: 
Tel 04-499-1636  or

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