Do something Daring and Bold with your hair to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

How does it work?
In November when the guys are growing Moustaches, this is a perfect opportunity for Girls to take part as well by doing something Daring and Bold with your hair. We will give you a ‘Text to Donate’ number and when someone asks you about your hair that is your opening to discuss Mental Health Awareness and ask for a donation to the Mental Health Foundation. 

What sort of Haircuts/Colours?
It is your hair so that is entirely up to you. We ask that you do something that is daring and bold for you so people who know you will react with ‘Oh my god I love your Hair’ or ‘What have you done with your hair’ etc, that becomes your chance to raise awareness. The more daring you are the better for raising a big reaction from others.

If cutting is not your thing we can do colours as well, as long as the colours are daring and bold as well, like Unicorn Colours or Rainbow Colours. Even just a single streak of Blue or Violet or Fuchsia will stand out. 

If you are the type of person that is completely open to what we do with your hair let us know as we have lots of ideas as well. Best thing is to come in and talk to us so we can explore ideas together. The ultimate goal is to get big reactions from others and changing your hair is the perfect opportunity to raise support for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 

What if I don't want to change my hair?
No Problem, spread the word to others and donate to our Givealittle Page at or 
Text DAREDO to 2446 to donate $3 to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ

What does it cost?
All haircuts are free and you can use your haircut to raise money and awareness, for colours we ask that you raise enough money to the value of a colour service and that will go to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, and you can continue to raise money. Best to come in and talk with us first.

When Does It Start?
We will begin the Campaign on the week of 9-October for Mental Health Awareness Week through to the end of November. You can come in and talk with us anytime or pick up a Pledge Form and we can register you. If you are intersted in learning more feel free to contact us at: 
Tel 04-499-1636 or 022-129-6332
Text DAREDO to 2446 to donate $3 to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand 

We would like to thank everyone who has taken part, if you like any of the transformations below be sure to help with you donation to Givealittle:
Text DAREDO to 2446 to donate $3 to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

We are updating with new pictures every week so keep checking back here:


Kelsey and I connected about a haircut a week ago and she is our first in the Dare-Do campaign, she wanted a bob so we went for a 1920's inspired Shingle Bob. Absolutely amazing haircut on Kelsey




Dana is a really awesome artist and she wanted to help out as well, time to do a cut and colour more suited for her as an artist.

We decided to call this SuperHero Hair, just because it is AWESOME


Anna contacted me a few weeks ago but had to get her car fixed to come down from now that she is here she wanted an Audrey Hepburn style Pixie Cut for Dare-Do. Also she wanted to donate her hair to Freedom Wigs.

Anne and her new Pixie Cut, looks stunning on her. She absolutely loves the result 


Unicorn Hair be Ella, perfect for someone who doesn't want to change the length of their hair as colours are an amazing way to help as well.


Ella did this amazing transformation for Patricia, the end result is perfect. Now when anyone says they love her hair she will tell them to Text DAREDO to 2446 to donate $3 to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, a big change is the perfect opening to donate.


My Client Tanya brought her boys in for colour for the cause, colour is an awesome way to help


Amanda and Lara really challenged each other with the Dare-Do theme. What they did was Amanda choose Lara's Haircut and Lara choose Amanda's haircut, and what they choose they had to get, and they couldn't know what the haircut was until after it was done.

For this they did an 80's theme and the haircuts were so wrong that it was right, this was the ultimate Dare-Do.

After we just styled it more modern so they ended up with a modern take on an 80's haircut. They had a lot of fun and all for a great cause. 

Text DAREDO to 2446 to donate $3 to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand


Putri had just finished her thesis and wanted to reward herself with a new cut & colour, so she decided to use this opportunity to support Dare-Do as well.


Perfect Haircut for Dare-Do to mark Spring and better weather, all the more reason for a big change...


Lizz has raised $350 in pledges so far, and we did a new cut and colour, her first time making such a big change.


For Kertu's Dare-Do she wanted to do an 80s Perm. Kertu's perm actually worked out very well. It was scary for her but it turmed out to be perfect summer beach hair creating more texture, Perms aren't so bad afterall.


Shayne wanted to do Colours for Dare-Do as she has never done anything with her hair before, she got tons of pledges and raised lots of money. Amazing colours, and perfect way to raise money as well.


Aleisha is an awesome photographer and we have been working together for the past year, she wanted to do a Dare-Do and we were meant to do something else.....but we ended up shaving instead as that was where inspiration took us. And it is very daring and bold but the result is fantastic, now we get to spend the next year evolving it into new things as it grows back. Thanks again Aleisha...


When Cat came I told her she has to have a Pink Flat Top for Dare-Do, but I was going do do the colour only and we were going to do the cut old school at the barbers. The cut was done by Keri Rimene at Custom Cutz on Willis Street, He did an awesome job with her fade, truly a master at his craft. After we did the colour, pink really brings it out and makes this cut complete. This was an awesome Dare-Do being a combination of tradtional Barbershop Haircut and bold Colour that makes it edgy 


Anita wanted to donate her ponytail for Dare-Do and have an amazing short care-free haircut for summer. This was exactly what she wanted, feels amazing making a big change and for a great cause as well


This haircut was done by our friend Amy at Dukes, pretty awesome chop for Izzy


Lena did a Lob Haircut for the cause, this is short for her and she is very happy with it


Leonie has never changed her hair in her life so she really wanted to, so we said we would cut is as short as possible with it still looking good. Leonie has said she loves it and even more each passing day, probably going to keep it for a long time. Awesome change and for a great cause.


Kristy works in the area of Mental Health and really wanted to take part, so for her Ella did an amazing combination of Blue and Violet to mix in with her curls, perfect result.


She had this haircut a few weeks ago but now wants to go shorter and blonder. This worded out even better. Nothing but praise as she has been back into the salon since to say how much she loves it...


Siammone was nominated by our friend Robyn to come and and do something new. She has always had long hair so it was time to take it shorter. She loves the change as well.


Even cutting a bob can be scary at first but in this case she was happy to, She has also said she loves it so much better and will just keep it from now on.


Maija wanted to donate her Ponytail for Dare-Do. Her Ponytail will go to Freedom Wigs and they will turn it into a wig for a Kiwi that needs hair. They will also pay the value of the ponytail that will go towards the Mental Health Foundation, usually around $200. So Maija gets an amazing new haircut, a Kiwi out there gets her hair and an amazing new wig, and the value of her Ponytail goes towards the Mental Health Foundation. Everybody Wins. Such an amazing haircut and she was so happy with it.


Ella did this transformation for Elizabeth, a shorter length is a great change and she added some blue and violet colour to give it more variety, the perfect Dare Do result.


Meredith slipped out of the office one afternoon without telling anyone and came in for a quick chop for Dare-Do. She planned it this way so when she gets back into the office people will react with big surprise, and she used that to fundraise and spread the word. A very clever way of helping out for the cause. 


Kat went blue for that cause, we put some new foils through the top and coloured it with blue to create that transition of colour from roots to ends being very bright on the ends. Hair that stands out and raises awareness.


This haircut was a big deal for Melissa but the result was amazing, we also put violet through her hair to make it more vibrant.


Imogen did an undercut all the way around and we stenciled in some geometric shapes, lots of fun


Olivia wanted to go shorter for the cause and have a new fringe. She was nervous to do this but really loved it after. Dare-Do is all about pushing yourself to new extremes so she can now enjoy a completely new look because of it. Great change


Sarah we did a bit shorter with an angled shape bob with an undercut, and stencil and colours into the pattern. Looks great down and easy to put up and expose the undercut.


With Tamara we forgot to take a before picture but this one will do. We gave her new colour and fringe.


Carma's New Do


Abby's big change too


Helena has done colours before but time to make it better. Ella put multiple tones all the way through and it looks amazing.


Kristy had her haircut short recently so we cleaned it up a bit and added some colour to her fringe.


Alison did an undercut all the way around.


We had to do at least one Dare-Do inspired by the look and feel of the show Stranger Things. We had a lot of fun with Jaimie. 


For Adrienne we did a Blue Bob. Turned out pretty spectacular, almost looks like a really expensive wig instead of real hair, but it's real


For Helen we took her from Ombre to Pink, so much fun.


Jasmin decided to donate her hair to Freedom Wigs, and the proceeds from that go towards the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. In return Jasmin gets an amazing new Haircut.


Nicole hasn't done a big colour change before so this was very exciting for her. Ella did an amazing job putting lots of colour into Nicole's hair.


Kim raised the most money in the campaign and said if she reached over $1000 she was going to cut it all off and bleach it. She ended up raising over $1100 and made do with her promise.

If you are intersted in learning more feel free to contact us at: 
Tel 04-499-1636 or 022-129-6332
Text DAREDO to 2446 to donate $3 to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

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